Friday, January 12, 2024

Matrix-Like Dream

 I had a strange dream...

I was a student in a class, trying to solve a problem, and trying to connect with others to help solve the problem. I realized I needed more memory, and left the class to find some (a chipset replacement seemed to be in order ;-).

I was told the nearest memory store was quite a ways aways. But I noticed there was a much closer source of memory. When I asked why I couldn't just go to the nearer source, I was told that they wouldn't give me any, and I should go to the farther source.

I didn't, and went to the nearer source, where I was told I could only have the added memory if I was willing to agree to certain terms: sharing the memory with others on the network, when I wasn't using it. I agreed, and lots of memory was installed (mounted to my skull through DIP sockets).

That night, I found myself leaving my body, oozing out like a leaky circuit, into another world, another universe. Turns out, this other universe was a superset of our universe, with one small portion being everything I had understood to be "the universe" before.

I was able to travel to many universes, though my connection always depended on a "cooperative port," an entity that had agreed to share their memory.

When I woke up, the world felt different. And as I passed anything else with electronic memory, I heard a faint, "hello." I came to realize I was connected to everything "on the network."

When I went to class, everybody looked different, as if I were seeing them from a distance. And my consciousness was expanded to include all the connections in world, and others in other universes.

That night, I dreamed about visiting many other people on Earth who had agreed to become connected, only I met them in the other universe.

So, it was different from being part of "the Borg." And it was different from being part of "The Matrix." It was more like being aware of another dimension, that transcended our universe, and allowed connection to all parts of our universe, as well as many other universes.

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