Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The economy versus democracy, and the value of life.

There are two organizational memes (memes adopted at the level of
organizations): economic vs. democratic. These two memes are competing
with each other at the organizational level (the businesses and the
economy versus government and democracy). The economic meme says,
"wealth (in terms of economic resources) determines the value of a
person." The democratic meme says, "Everyone is equal."

I am more of a believer in "everyone is equal," though I am a strong
supporter of the economy ("voting with dollars"). My disagreement with
economic organization is considering humans as "resources to be
allocated efficiently." I believe that humans are manifestations of
life, a much larger organizational structure, and one that has been in
place for billions of years. It is a mistake to make humans "resources",
and a dangerous one, which will not promote the survival of our species
in the long run, nor will this perspective support the advancement of life.

So my path is clear, at least in my lifetime. I will joust the windmills
of the economy, and those forces that diminish the value of life.

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