Wednesday, January 08, 2020

I have a perspective, therefor I am...

My ability to see things from another person's perspective is, in large part, what makes me human. I can "do" -> "observe" -> "remember" -> "change" -> "re-do" -> "learn" from my own experience, similar to a rat in a maze. And as a human, I have the additional capacity to "imagine" -> "test" -> "change" -> "imagine" outside of my own experience. I do this in the virtual world of thought. It is my imagination that I am able to also "experience" another person's perspective.

Recent human history is chock full of advancements to our ability to see other perspectives. From the earliest days of oral traditions, to religions, to cultures, to books, to the scientific method. We have learned to efficiently and effectively communicate perspectives, process perspectives, and incorporate other people's perspectives in our learning.

As our interactions with each other became more complex, organizations flourished as another way to aggregate and promote perspectives. Educational organizations and the scientific method culture focused on "universal" perspectives, those that were perceived as stable across people and over time.

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