Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What if being in here, in this virtual reality, I were able to predict what happens out there, in the real world?

"Why would I ever want to think like you?" 
"To be able to see choices, choices which are not visible to you because of your attachments."

As attachments are built with experience, then this might be a way of  describing the lifetime of a human:

Age 1-12: Age of ego and dependence
Age 13-25: Age of self-awareness and independence
Age 26-50: Age of awareness of others and interdependence
Age 51+: Age of ever-increasing awareness of all (infinitely large) and individual impact (infinitely small) 

How can I change my rate of understanding?
How can I recognize my attachments?

A. Change the rate of interaction between self and not self; and/or
B. Change the rate of imagined interaction

How does the rate of exposure to experience depend on the rate of absorption and redirecting of attachments? Is it just a linear training function? What role do emotions play in increasing/decreasing the impact of exposure to experience? Do highly charged emotional situations contribute to faster/deeper learning? Am I able to create the experiences that open my eyes and allow me to alter attachments?

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