Sunday, August 11, 2013

Google search suggestions...

"why do" (as of 7/11/12)              "why do" (as of 8/11/13)

why do cats purr                      why do cats purr
why do people blush                   why do we yawn
why do we yawn                        why do we dream
why do men cheat                      why do dogs eat grass
why do dogs lick                      why do people blush
why do people yawn                    why do men cheat
why do we dream                       why do people yawn
why do dogs eat grass                 why do dogs howl
why do dogs howl                      why do dogs eat poop

why do I sweat so much                why do cats knead

"why does" (as of 7/11/12)            "why does" (as of 8/11/13)
why does hair turn grey               why does hair turn grey
why does ice float                    why does my vagina smell
why does my eye twitch                why does ice float
why does my dog eat grass             why does it rain
why does the earth spin               why does my lower back hurt
why does it rain                      why does the world exist
why does my life suck                 why does my chest hurt
why does my pee smell                 why does my jaw hurt
why does god allow suffering          why does salt melt ice
why does it always rain on me         why does my stomach hurt

"why does my" (as of 7/11/12)         "why does my" (as of 8/11/13)
eye twitch                            vagina smell
dog eat grass                         lower back hurt
lower back hurt                       chest hurt
life suck                             jaw hurt
pee smell                             stomach hurt
internet keep disconnecting           throat hurt
back hurt                             heart hurt
mom hate me                           tongue hurt
dog shake                             cat lick me
jaw hurt                              knee hurt

"why do I"
(as of 7/11/12)            "why do I" (as of 8/11/13)
sweat so much                         sweat so much
bruise easily                         feel dizzy
sleep so much                         bruise easily
feel so tired                         sleep so much
feel dizzy                            hate myself
crave salt                            burp so much
hate myself                           poop so much
poop so much                          fart so much
fart so much                          feel so tired
sweat in my sleep                     feel bloated

Other phrases that may be interesting:"when can I" "where can I" "who can I"

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